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Philanthropy Report Perspectives on the global foundation sector

Posted by in on 21-11-19

Global philanthropy holds immense promise in the 21st century. Global giving is growing, gaining visibility, and creating much-needed change around the world. Over time and across geographies the world has witnessed a near-universal charitable instinct to help others.
Recent years, however, have seen a marked and promising change in charitable giving – wealthy individuals, families, and corporations are looking to give more, to give more strategically, and to increase the impact of their social investments. A growing number of philanthropists are establishing foundations and other giving structures to focus, practice, and amplify their social investments.
There appears to be a growing belief that institutional philanthropy can encourage more strategic investment approaches; facilitate collaboration; serve as a role model for others; and, in sum, have greater impact on the economic and social challenges being addressed.

The report comprises four sections. Section I provides an overview of institutional philanthropy around the world, including initial perspectives on its scale, age, and classification. Section II provides available information on foundation finances, including assets, endowments, and expenditures. Section III examines foundations’ priorities and purposes. Section IV considers operating models
and strategies including social investment mechanisms, governance, human resources, and impact assessment strategies.